Carpet Cleaning in Moorestown

If you need your carpets kept clean on a regular basis, or if you have tough stains or odors you want removed, Majestic Carpet Cleaning is your team for carpet cleaning in Moorestown, NJ! Our experienced professionals can handle thorough carpet cleaning, periodic shampooing, and stain removal services. We are a family-owned company that serves home and business owners throughout Camden County, and we’re dedicated to your 100% satisfaction.

Even new carpets can gather stains and ground in dirt before long – especially if your home or place of business has children or pets and lots of foot traffic. When typical vacuums can’t reach dirt, it can cause the carpet to look faded, and stains and odor from pet urine or other sources can be difficult to remove. At Majestic, we have the equipment and experience to make your carpets look like new, and our tools and cleaning products are safe and effective.

Our Moorestown Carpet Cleaning Services

Majestic Carpet Cleaning offers a variety of services to Moorestown property owners, including:

Carpet Cleaning. If your carpet needs a more thorough cleaning to get to tough dirt, we can get the job done for you. We take the time to examine the condition and type of carpet you have, and we apply proven methods and high end equipment to remove dirt your vacuum couldn’t reach. Our professionals are skilled experts that can get the job done right.

Upholstery Cleaning. Have stains on your furniture too? Reach out to Majestic! We’ll take a look at your furniture and its condition, and we’ll explain to you what can be done based on your furniture manufacturer’s recommendations. We’ll decide on the best approach for restoring your furniture’s brand new look and use the right tools to do it.

Pet Stain Removal. When pet urine stains can’t be removed, often it creates and unpleasant and lingering odor. We use techniques and cleaning agents that can remove your carpet stain within a week…you will be amazed at the results! We can’t fix everything, but many times we’ve removed stains that other services couldn’t – give us a try.

By the way, we can handle any type of carpet, including your valuable Oriental rugs! We have specialized equipment and a thorough technique for cleaning Oriental carpets. We’ll remove the stains and thoroughly clean out your Oriental carpet without causing any damage, and return it to you looking like new!

At Majestic, we offer all these services and more, including tile/grout cleaning and water and mold remediation. We are the answer to your search for carpet cleaning in Moorestown – contact us today to get started or request your free estimate here!

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