Carpet Cleaning in Medford

If you’re looking for professionals to keep your carpets clean, or if you have a tough stain or odor you can’t remove, let us be your answer for carpet cleaning in Medford, NJ! Majestic Carpet Cleaning handles carpet vacuuming, shampooing, and stain removal for property owners throughout Camden County. We are a local, family-owned company, dedicated to customer satisfaction and great results.

Even if the carpets in your Medford home or place of business are new, they can look dirty and worn before long. Children, pets, or heavy foot traffic can take a toll on a carpet fast. When your everyday vacuum can’t get to dirt, the carpet can look faded, and stains from pet urine or other causes can be odorous and seem impossible to fully remove. Let Majestic keep your carpets looking and smelling great, with our safe and effective carpet cleaning services.

Our Medford Carpet Cleaning Services

Majestic specializes in a number of carpet cleaning services for your Medford property, including:

Carpet Cleaning. When your carpet has accumulated dirt that your typical vacuum can’t get to, leave the job to us. We inspect your carpet and determine its condition, decide on the best method of cleaning for your carpet type, and use high quality equipment to get the job done. Our professionals are experienced with every type of carpet and we know how to get the done right.

Upholstery Cleaning. Have stains on your furniture too? Reach out to Majestic! We’ll examine your type of furniture and explain what we can do based on manufacturer recommendations. We’ll decide on the best approach to cleaning your furniture, use proper and safe cleaning agents, and restore your furniture’s original look.

Pet Odor and Stain Removal. Pet odors from carpet stains can be challenging. We employ the latest technology to remove your pet stains within a week – and you will be amazed at the results. Our team stays on top of the latest cleaning techniques…if other carpet cleaners have said it can’t be done, try calling us. We’ve fixed quite a few carpets other companies couldn’t!

Do you have Oriental carpets in your home and are looking for a cleaning service that can get your carpets safely cleaned and preserve their value? At Majestic, we offer a specialized service specifically designed for Oriental carpet cleaning. We use specialized equipment and proven techniques to get your Oriental carpet looking and smelling like new!

We offer additional services for Medford property owners too, including tile and grout removal and mold remediation. The team at Majestic Carpet Cleaning are your established pros for carpet cleaning in Medford – reach out to us today or click here for your free estimate!

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